Blog: Sustainable Software Development

Eine Datenanalystin in einem Rechenzentrum.
Although data analytics is a valuable tool for companies to improve their performance and provide better services to their customers, it also poses a significant environmental problem. Data analytics requires enormous amounts of computing power, which is provided in data centers and cloud infrastructures.
Zwei Softwareentwickler bei der Arbeit.
A sustainable software architecture primarily takes energy efficiency into account. It focuses on the ecological impact of software development and ensures that the software contributes as little as possible to CO2 emissions.
Sustainability as a gamechanger: How the gaming industry is shaping its future The gaming industry has become […]
A green landscape with a cloud over it (symbolizing green cloud plattforms).
The IT industry has an important role to play in addressing the climate crisis and should consider the importance of sustainability in its decisions. The use of cloud solutions can help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, especially through the use of renewable energy.
A photo of clouds that symbolizes Cloud Computing.
Awareness of the environmental impact of cloud computing is growing, and more and more companies are adopting sustainable cloud solutions. The future of sustainable cloud computing looks promising as more advances are made in technologies and practices to maximize energy efficiency and minimize carbon footprints.