Blog: Sustainable Software Development

Softwareentwickler sitzt beim Sonnenuntergang und denkt über seinen Beruf nach.
How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the profession of software developers The progressive development of artificial intelligence […]
Man typing something in ChatGPT, symbolizes AI.
The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is an important part of the digital transformation in all areas of business and society. However, the proliferation of AI technologies also raises ethical issues that are of great importance for sustainability. Ethics refers to moral principles and values that guide human behavior.
An AI robot is walking up stairs in a green environment outside.
A study by the "Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications" (CEET) and the "Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology" estimates that information and communications technology (ICT) already accounts for around 10% of energy consumption worldwide. This figure will continue to increase in the future as more and more AI systems are deployed.