Blog: Sustainable Software Development

Zwei Softwareentwickler bei der Arbeit.
A sustainable software architecture primarily takes energy efficiency into account. It focuses on the ecological impact of software development and ensures that the software contributes as little as possible to CO2 emissions.
Softwareentwickler sitzt beim Sonnenuntergang und denkt über seinen Beruf nach.
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Whether it's protecting privacy, promoting open source software, designing sustainable systems, or using the Internet as a tool to promote social change, they've all helped make software development look different today than it did just a few years ago.
Software developer is coding.
By applying green coding, software companies can not only contribute to environmental protection, but also reduce their energy costs and strengthen their reputation as an environmentally conscious organization. In the following sections, we will present five examples of Green Coding and use code examples to illustrate how sustainability and efficiency can be combined in software development.
A software developer is programming and reading on two screens.
It is estimated that the IT industry is responsible for around 2% of global CO2 emissions - roughly equivalent to air traffic emissions. The power requirements of the IT industry have increased exponentially in recent years as more and more devices and applications are put into operation. The trend toward cloud computing and data centers has also contributed to a significant increase in energy consumption.